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About Me

My name is Jeff Siler. I grew up in Lakewood, California, not far from the Inland Empire, and I raised my family in nearby Moreno Valley. In 2010, I had a serious skin cancer that nearly took my life. I had a radical surgery in September of that year that took the nerve in the right side of my face, part of my upper jawbone, and all of the cancer!!!! (PRAISE GOD!!) I have had negative scans and checkups since then, but I always need to be honest with the question you may be thinking–what happened to your face? Yes, it’s blunt, but my face isn’t “normal” anymore, and people usually act cool and just accept things. No worries. Just ask!

Going back in time a bit, to share more of my personal/professional/academic life, I graduated from Mayfair High School (class of ’74–Go Monsoons!),  Cerritos College (’76) with a major in English, and Concordia Teachers College (now called Concordia University), Seward, Nebraska (’78) with a comprehensive English major that included speech/drama. I began my teaching career in fall of 1978. The 70s  was quite the eventful decade for me! I was awarded a Masters Degree in 1985 with an emphasis in Elementary Reading/Language Arts from Cal State, L.A., I earned a single subject credential in Educational Technology, and, after 34 years of teaching mostly at the elementary level, I retired in 2012 at the age of 55.

I stretched my retired wings (or maybe they were just tired! LOL) by creating, editing, and teaching curriculum for Adult English Language Acquisition, Résumé Preparation, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship for a non-profit. Then I began private in-home tutoring.

By far, the tutoring has been the most rewarding experience since the results are almost immediate and the success is nearly inevitable. I have seen all of the children I have tutored in the past reach high school graduation and beyond (although a few are still getting there). See my Yelp page for reviews and comments of current and past clients. My schedule is very full right now, but if you contact me and are flexible, I can probably find time to help.