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This page is designed for the DIYers out there who desire resources they can work with on their own. Every site is FREE. Please communicate with me if you find broken links or any that charge you. I like to keep this page up-to-date. Thanks in advance.


Printable Paper

Writing Practice Links

Great Beginnings

Graphic Organizers for Writing

BEST Custom Handwriting worksheet maker, printing and cursive

CursiveHandwriting  (excellent practice worksheets for each letter Upper and Lower case)

Daily Handwriting Practice book (pdf)

Guide to Grammar & Writing  — Lots of good instruction/ppts/resources for teaching grammar and writing

Kindergarten (downloadable PDF)

Grade One Printing (downloadable PDF)

Fluent Printing (downloadable PDF)

Directed Cursive (downloadable PDF)

Advanced Cursive (downloadable PDF)

Elements of Good Writing:


Fluency Passages (159 passages, Levels F-Z)

Reading Rockets (free kids books)

K12Reader (comprehensive Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Composition)

Online Books for Children

Various Reading Skills (printable worksheets for Main Idea, Comprehension, Character, Setting, Plot, etc.)


San Diego Quick Assessment

Quick Screen Reading Grade Level Tests

K12 Placement Tests from age 5-12; these are downloadable

Literacy Assessments from Pre-K – Grade 12

Multiple Assessments here, Reading Levels, Grade Levels, Teaching Reading, etc. SUPER SITE

Benchmark Passages and Running Records

Informal Reading Assessments: Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Text Comprehension (this is a PDF download)

Instructional Placement Instruments




GREAT YouTube Math help here:


Basic Math & Pre-Algebra for Dummies (TEXTBOOK online)

Algebra I Essentials for Dummies (TEXTBOOK online)

Algebra II for Dummies (TEXTBOOK online)

FOX MATH – Videos, worksheets, games, LOTS to do here on many levels. PreK-7th grade

PURPLE MATH – Pre Algebra, Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and Advanced, beginnings of Trig

KHAN ACADEMY – Kindergarten through HS

FREE MATHHELP.COM – Algebra, Geometry, Trig, and Calculus

JOHNNIE MATH PAGE (easy to sort through grade level games or by concept)

MATH DRILLS (from addition facts through equivalent fractions, etc. give this one a look)

MATH ANTICS (Arithmetic, Fractions, Geometry, Percents, Algebra basics)

MATH TIPS AND TRICKS (For younger learners)


MONEY: Make your own money worksheets

TenMarks – Math and  Writing concepts on YouTube

TELLING TIME: Make your own telling time worksheets

Flocabulary – Modern Schoolhouse Rock 

**RESEARCH REMINDER: if at all possible, AVOID Wikipedia and the like. Many of those pages include opinion and false information, NOT facts! I’m not saying that ALL pages are non-factual, just that falsehoods get combined with facts. Use multiple sources and be sure to back up everything you find.

Phonics Reading:


PBS Preschool

Alphabet Recognition and Practice

Number Writing (and word)

SCISSOR SKILLS – a packet (pdf) that is progressive in improving and advancing use of scissors

Starfall – Some of this is free, more is accessible for a yearly fee. GREAT site!

EverythingPreschool – Pretty much everything for early childhood education.

HealthyFamily – FREE Educational Games from Toddlers through adult.

ChildCareLounge – 100 Top Preschool Sites

Alphabet Tracing Worksheets A-Z  (26 pages, Upper and Lower case)

Alphabet/Picture flash cards (no words, just Upper and Lower case letter with a picture)

Alphabet/Picture/Word flash cards 

Basic Shapes flash cards

Numbers 11-20 flash cards

S and Z Academy Learning Videos


Harry Kindergarten Music Videos

Rock N Learn Videos

1st Grade Resources:


2nd Grade Resources:


3rd Grade Resources:



4h Grade Resources:


Printable Worksheets (across multiple skills such as genre, figurative language, point of view, etc.)

Reading Worksheets (across many 4th grade reading skills)

5th Grade Resources:


Printable Worksheets/Tests  (multiple skills)

Testing Resources: