Jeff's Tutoring

Pricing & Policy


Like you, I depend on my job to pay my bills and be comfortable. Like you, I can’t always plan ahead for emergencies and the like. Like you, I like a schedule that is fairly routine, but flexible enough to accommodate things that come up. Therefore, my tutoring rates are based on the fact that I am a MOBILE tutor (I meet you where YOU prefer) and  my weekly schedule:

$ 50.00
1 Hour / weekly

$ 95.00
2 Hour / weekly

$ 140.00
3 Hour / weekly

$ 45.00
4+ Hours / Hourly

Keep in mind that an additional time/gas charge may apply if you live in an outlying area from my home (over 20 minutes away).


Résumés are a frequent request, and there are seldom two that are alike. I price them based on the amount of time I have to spend to get them looking great. One may be already in digital form and can be emailed to me just for some light editing. That would be $30/hour. Another may be very rough, dated, old, and need to be completely renovated from top to bottom. That would be around $200. I have to take them case by case.


I can provide proofreading/editing/evaluation for school papers. The hourly charge is for my time and expertise (more if there’s a rush). We usually need several meetings (on the phone or in person) as the editing gets to the finished stage. Depending on where you live, there may be an extra cost for my time/gas.